Join our 5 element closed FB group ‘Elemental Connections’ and receive a greater understanding of a sustainable and natural way of existing by tuning into planetary energies and natural rhythms!

The 5 elements give you clues about your constitutional makeup along with your how create more balance to manage your health and wellbeing. Natures elements and patterns are reflected in your body. You can tap into these higher aspects of yourself through natural connection! September in the Southern Hemisphere brings the energy of Spring (Wood Element). Jump on board before then and receive energy activations, Five element education pertaining to Body, Mind and Spirit and much more as I sculpt this group and it becomes an interactive forum of natural wisdom!

The month of September is FREE then a monthly cost of $44 will be charged as this is going to be an online 'coaching' forum for those of you that can help yourselves and others in whatever way you can ($11 of this amount will be donated to a local Mental Health Awareness Group). My intention is to create an online 'ripple effect' of awareness and healing. Included in the group are monthly Full and New moon activations that provide an invaluable opportunity for your own self-healing and inner connection. I bring in universal energies to support the intentions you bring along to the activations.

I am literally providing a one-stop-shop for natural awareness and living that you can then pass onto your family, friends and community. The group provides a whole new way of maintaining your health and wellbeing through natural connection, self-commitment and deep self-love. Celebrate your evolution by consciously tuning into your natural rhythms to empower yourself!

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Element 1: Fire (Summer)

Fire energy is brilliant, exciting and warm. It represents our status or fame - how the world perceives us and the image we convey to others. Like a steady flame, we are reminded to illuminate the path and share our light while maintaining enough equilibrium to prevent burning out.

Light up your own firey brilliance to expand the true expression of who you are during the summer energy.

Element 2: Earth (Late Summer)

Earth connects all the other elements together. Earth represents our health and our ability to care for and nurture ourselves and others. Earth energy transforms and, when balanced, keeps us centred, connected and grounded.

Enhance your inner and outer stability and maintain your core strength during late summer.

Element 3: Metal (Autumn)

Metal energy is smooth, strong, precise and cool. It represents our ability to define our surroundings and to turn chaos into order. Metal reminds us to contract and consolidate our energy and look inward for many of the answers we seek.

Refocus your intention inward and let go of what you don’t need and honour the need for introspection during Autumn.

Element 4: Water (Winter)

Water is the element representing our career and journey through life – where we are going, where we have been and the flow we create. The yin to Fire’s yang, water relates to communication, resourcefulness and the fluidity of our path. Water energy is forever-shifting and reminds us to expect change and movement on our journey – to go with the flow.

Enjoy restoration and rejuvenation for the following Winter months.

Element 5: Wood (Spring)

Wood energy represents family, ancestors and new beginnings – our yesterdays and tomorrows.  Like a tree, we are reminded to be anchored, yet flexible enough to weather the storm and still branch out toward the sun and into the future.

Refocus your intention to de-seed and re-seed your inner environment and expand into new beginnings during Spring.                                                                

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