'Level Up and Get Balanced' 9 week Package

'Level Up and Get Balanced' 9 week Package


This is for those who are ready for making an impact through personal commitment, connecting with and navigating intuitive flow and are asking ‘what can I contribute now?’.

You are ready for your next level of purposeful transformation by wanting to show up and take intentional action. This is the next step beyond the ‘Coaching You Out of Your Way’ package to help you evolve and co-create your reality through navigating your empowered path.

Receive guidance and energetic support to:

  • Transcend further limitations in a safe supported space

  • Set new intentions for expanded awareness and manifestation

  • Go beyond what you thought you could become and create through self-love

  • Learn to navigate more in flow and support yourself through true balance

9 X 60 min Transformational Coaching Sessions with accountability emails (weekly)

  • Energy optimisation techniques

  • Gaining clarity on your future vision

  • Gaining a high level of trust with accessing new levels of consciousness

6 x 45 min Quantum Healing sessions (cellular level healing)

4 x 30 min accountability checkin sessions (every 3 weeks)

(pre-requisite is the foundational ‘Coaching You Out of Your Way’ package)

(Online or face to face)

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Are you ready to shed your limitations and allow yourself to receive on a whole new level?


‘I worked with Gina over an 8-week period and during that time she helped me unravel ways in which I had been stuck in all areas of my life. She gave me practical advice and suggestions around intention setting and goals and how to put them into action. The consistency of our weekly sessions helped to create momentum and accountability that was helpful to keep me focused and moving towards my goals. I always left my sessions with Gina feeling positive and inspired. I would recommend Gina to anyone wanting to make positive change within their life.’ (Megan - coaching client)

“I can’t recommend Gina more highly. I have loved every session with Gina. She is an incredible coach and energy healer, helping me guide and shift through some negative habits and emotions. I have honestly never experienced such powerful energy healings. I didn’t know what to expect when I first saw Gina but it's palpable and certainly blew me away. I honestly look forward to seeing Gina every week as I know something powerful will occur.” (Sarah - coaching and healing client)

Coming from a background in the sciences I’ve always placed a sceptical lens on work like Gina’s. However. I’ve grown up around people who work from a place of intuition - people who I admire, love and aspire to be like. After having my kids intuition became increasingly important in my life. I’ve learnt to trust my own intuition in raising my kids and now, through coaching with Gina, I’m learning to expand that trust into other parts of my life. So far it’s been very rewarding, I’ve learn a lot about myself and developed skills in expanding my own potential. Gina has a way of cutting through what she would possibly call “the debris” and I’d possibly call “the crap”. It’s been a unique and valuable journey.“ (Kerrie - coaching client)

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