Community Quantum Healing

Community Quantum Healing


Quantum Healing is essentially a concept of using the unified field of creation to create what we desire, heal ourselves and reach our highest potential. 

Dr Jo Dispenza (expert in this field) states that 'if you understand that it's not matter that emits the field - its the field that creates matter, and if you change the field you change matter - then you could see how something that has literally been irreversible in medical history could be possible'.

Anything is possible if you understand the way Quantum science can help all areas of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual issues. It's about energy, frequency and vibration and how you harness it that creates your reality and everything you experience.

Join me on each New and Full moon to experience Community Quantum Healing and learn to harness this same power through embodying the free-flowing process accessed through meditative visualisation in the imagination.

We will use the moon cycles to support the 'wholeness' frequency coming through to help amplify your intentions.

Bring your yoga mat and a cushion to either sit or lie down, whatever you need on the night to be comfortable and receptive. Book in for 1 of 4 events in April and May!

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