Gina helps you understand the Quantum realm of possibility to create a magical life

Healing is a gift and way of life. Optimal health and wellbeing begins in understanding yourself as a multi-faceted energetic being of limitless potential. This is a journey into known and unknown areas to strike a balanced peaceful inner state that represents the true expression of who you are.

As a channel for healing energy, I clear, align and reactivate your energy so that you can begin remembering who you are and you can transition back to your natural state of wholeness. I help you create a fertile high frequency field in which your ‘seeds of life’ can be planted, nurtured and allowed to take shoot based on your level of commitment to self-love.

Initially, this is a team effort as I help open doors to higher frequencies for you to step through and explore who you truly are; your true nature, your essence, your natural state. This requires self-commitment and maintenance as your healing journey unfolds.

Through Energy Coaching, I then guide you through the energetic ‘workings’ of your inner terrain and help you focus on the issues that need transforming. Action based direction is required to maintain momentum and provide the foundation for transformational results.  

My coaching and healing creates a neutral space of alignment for you within the unified field (source energy) so that you are able to raise your frequency through ‘entrainment’. The high frequencies moving through my heart field neutralise and harmonise your lower frequencies. Co-resonance occurs where you and I vibrate at the same universal frequency to allow a shift in your consciousness that will enable to you to find your way back to your natural state of wholeness.

Dr Jo Dispenza explains it further in his blog :

‘In order for people to truly heal someone else, they have to get to the frequency of the fourth energy center. It is here in the heart, in this center of oneness and wholeness, where we begin to connect to the quantum (or the unified field). It’s here where the union of polarity and duality exists.'

The pattern of disease exists in light, so when people start opening their heart and energy starts moving from their lower three centers up into their heart, once it reaches their heart the research shows it continues up into their brains. As it moves upwards, it moves through the neck, down through the nerves, and into the hands (which is what enables people to facilitate a greater frequency). Once someone begins facilitating the frequency of wholeness, as the cell becomes more whole and less imbalanced, it’s going to go through a host of chemical, biological, and genetic changes.’

Gina's Yallamas

Strategic Intervention Coach
B.Hlth.Sc (Traditional Chinese Medicine) UTS

Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine
Reiki 1,2,3

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AHPRA: CMR0001949391
ATMS: 51047

You don’t see YOU like I see YOU ...

As an intuitive guide, I am here to support you along your high potential pathway based on your intentions. The healing and coaching supports your evolution as you always receive what is needed when you step forward and ask. This is the nature of healing.

As a guided healer and coach, I channel the energies that you need in the moment. Trusting that you are safe and supported is all you need to do in each session, you will receive exactly what you need based on your higher self guiding you towards your expansion.

My own journey began through acupuncture and evolved into Quantum Energy Healing/Shamanic Healing when I began my own spiritual journey. When I finally said ‘yes’ to becoming more than what I believed I was at the time, I received the gift of being a healer. We are all healers in one way or another, acknowledging ourselves and our gifts is where we unfold into our higher potential. Navigating and working in both the energetic world of spirit and planet earth has been a wild ride for me. I love the work I do and the way I can help many people transcend health and wellbeing issues, mental/emotional blocks and spiritual expansion. I am so grateful to be able to share these gifts with others so that we all benefit from unravelling our stories and becoming the ultimate version of who we are meant to be. This is all a choice and when you are ready to explore your higher self and all it’s beauty, I’m happy to help out. This is your journey and I’m here to make it enjoyable! I believe life is for living our potential and having fun while doing it!


Published chapter: 'In The Alternative Well-Being Sciences a handpicked team of contributors from all around the globe provide an extraordinary collection of articles exploring the role played by complementary and alternative health care in the general well-being and health of the public.With chapters ranging from the practical applications of Pranic Healing to The Human-Animal Connection and When Alternative is Complimentary. The Alternative Well-Being Sciences introduces fresh new ideas to the continuing debate over how we can transform the culture of medicine while providing ordinary people with the tools they need to make good health care decisions.'

My chapter about ‘Resistance To Love’ was selected and published in this book about alternative medicine. Copies of the E-Book can be purchased by clicking on the title above.