Programs provide the opportunity for ongoing learning, experience, personal evolution and self-healing


Returning to Your Natural Rhythms

Our natural rhythms of life are influenced by our energetic frequency. In harmony, our frequency raises (energy expanding) and in resistance our frequency lowers (energy contracting). These are natural rhythms that align with the ebb and flow of the tide, the waxing and waning cycles of the moon and the cyclical movement through the seasons and day and night. As we become masters of our energy by connecting to our true nature, we can begin to navigate our internal terrain of Body, Mind and Spirit and self-heal. 

The following program(s) evolve(s) with your commitment and desire to reach your pure potential. Self-healing is an exploration, a series of revelations and an elevation. As we are always evolving, the Foundation Model (Seeding Your Life) and Creation Model (Fruiting Your Life) programs help you engage with your shadow (low frequency) and your light (high frequency) aspects that are ‘opposite and complimentary’ to reach your unique essence and potential. They are designed to provide healing and direction as you begin your journey and investigate what personal support framework you need to create for yourself and your life. This is the Nature of Healing.


Foundations Model: 'Seeding Your life' (personal journey) level 1 & 2

$2,200 + GST • 7 Weeks

Experiencing challenges and overwhelm? Common issues in this awakening and awareness process can include: disconnection to your feelings, over-thinking, random researching and self-diagnosis, feeling directionless, low self worth, unexplained physical symptoms, perpetual self-doubt, lack of joy,  deep sadness, overactive nervous system, mental/emotional instability, feelings of isolation.

Re-establish your inner connection and regain clarity: 

Connect with me and experience:

a safe space in which you can be vulnerable and open to reconnect to your true feelings; the way I discover and reveal the root causes of your pattens and behaviour; stability of your mental/emotional state; resolution of energetic blocks to regain clarity, direction and meaning; the realisation of your innate knowing; connection to your higher self and pure trust to create the life you desire.

Let me support you through your energetic blocks to a place of more freedom where you confidently become who you want to be! Level 1 provides foundational principles and expands your awareness and potential at your pace. Level 2 is commitment and direction focused and moves deep into all aspects of body, mind and spirit connection and transformation to begin opening and connecting you to your higher potential. You are the driver of your life, moving into a high level of personal commitment to your higher potential is where all the fun and freedom from limitations exist!

  • 7 x weekly/fortnightly or online Individual Quantum energy healing sessions (45 mins each), 
  • 7 x weekly/fortnightly or online Individual Energy Coaching sessions (45 mins each),
  • A supporting 7 week online 'Seeding Your Life'  Program, foundational content to create awareness and establish new sustainable 'healthy habits' for the journey ahead

  • 7 x treatment summaries for the coaching and health and wellbeing advice based on your issues/conditions aligning with the 3 aspects of Body, Mind and Spirit and the 5 elements.

Seeing Gina has been a life changing experience for me, as it has helped me connect with my spirit in a way I’d been seeking without fully realising or knowing how to do it. It has allowed me to see with great clarity the beliefs and subconscious limitations I had absorbed and was perpetuating in my life, and opened up new ways of imagining my future and being in the world. I feel a great sense of inward peace and calm and inner strength based on worthiness and love. Gina’s non-judgemental and open style let you be the guide in your own destiny, giving you the responsibility and choice to come to the healing from a place you are comfortable with, and then open further as you are ready to go. If you are searching, if you are wondering how to live your life on a higher level, from a place of love and acceptance and joy, then energy healing with Gina is worth giving some of your time to explore!
— Claire B. (Teacher)

'intoxicated and in love ... with yourself' - becoming the magnet to attract your soul partner

$2,200 + GST (per person) • 14 Weeks •

I’ve found that more and more women (and men) are craving real intimacy with one soul partner beyond the domain of Tinder and Bumble! I know some of you have been on the search for awhile now and that’s why I’ve created a new program that targets your deepest self-love issues to open your heart wide and be the greatest version of who you are so that your soul partner can’t help but be attracted to you.

Intoxicated and In Love…. With Yourself’ is based on the 7 stages of Alchemical Transformation follow an ancient Taoist process of focused intention, creative visualisation (brainwave entrainment) and energy healing to move you beyond your limited beliefs and blocks about relationships, self-love, self-worth and expectations. Energy Medicine originates in alchemy and these concepts transfer through the body and mind leaving imprints that block your desires. You have a choice to remove these imprints and create new healthy beliefs about yourself and the soul mate relationship you desire.

By firstly creating solid intentions and maintaining an unwavering focus day to day and week to week, I will guide you to heal aspects in your subconscious that are hidden from view. This is the transformation and creation process in action - ask, believe and receive.

High frequency Living - Body and mind re-set

$2,200 + GST (per person) • 7 Weeks •

Learn more about our 'High Frequency Living' Program - target your physical and non-physical wellbeing issues through Body and Mind. They are 'partners in crime' and when one is out of balance, the other feels it. The key is maintaining and managing both aspects to optimise your energy and your ability to enjoy life!

Jan Denecke (Nutritionist, Life Coach, Mindfulness and Yoga teacher) and I have developed a detailed program to re-set the Body and Mind on a course back to optimal health and well-being.

Let us show you how....

  • 7 x weekly/fortnightly face to face or online Quantum Energy Healing and Coaching sessions (45 mins each) with Gina
  • 7 x weekly/fortnightly face to face or online Nutritional advice and planning, Life & Mindfulness Coaching sessions (45 mins each) with Jan
  • 7 x treatment summaries for the coaching and health and wellbeing advice based on your issues/conditions aligning with the 3 aspects of Body, Mind and Spirit.
  • Closed FB group with shared material and inspiration on all things 'health and wellbeing'


Creation Model: Expanding and Living your Dream life

$3,300 + GST • 6 months 

Further Information:

I'd love to chat with you about your personal story so we can get to know each other and you can ask me questions about the programs before we work together.  Book a time via the link below and we can organise a free 30 minute discovery call. Look forward to connecting with you soon!

Gina ;)

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Quantum Energy Healing and Intuitive Energy Coaching/Mentoring support 

  • 12 x Quantum Energy Healing and Intuitive Energy Coaching/Mentoring sessions (90 mins) over 6 months 
  • Helping you align with and focus on your life intentions to make your passions real

  • Assistance with planning your vision intuitively

  • Optimising your time by keeping you flowing in your energetic slipstream.

  • Keeping you accountable for your life's greatest desires as you create your new reality!