Celebrating Who You Are ... Heart Centred, Playful  + Passionate!


Returning to 'empowered' Self Love - higher potential

Symbolically, we have always been whole and are still whole on a soul level. Before birth we are whole in Body, Mind and Spirit however the birthing process disconnects these three aspects for the journey ahead. The ‘7 year life-cycle’ becomes a road map where you begin to absorb many beliefs and programs that influence your purity and ability to live your limitless potential. Returning to your true potential or soul connection is the challenge and the opportunity to expand and grow. The return journey then requires a deeper commitment to your soul's path through realignment of the Body, Mind and Spirit. 

The opportunities to re-seed your life are limitless once you begin the self-awareness process. Universal and natural laws govern this transformation as you learn to become the co-creator of your life, intuitively guided by your soul.



Remembering Who You Really Are - a field of potential

Your ability to remember who you are is proportional to your ability to love yourself. Resistance to love is what creates physical, mental, emotional and spiritual disturbances through the vibrational imbalance of belief systems, thoughts, words, actions and expression. The shift in your perspective initiates a reconnection of the body-mind to begin re-wiring your neural pathways and releasing embedded habits and patterns from the body's cellular structure. This continuous DNA level activation engages your expanded rather than limited self. 

As a facilitator of the heart, I assist you with exploding your limiting habits and patterns and coach you back to your natural state of wholeness where you are already the authentic empowered version of you (higher self). 

Essentially, this ‘homecoming’ is all about empowered self-love leading to unconditional love for yourself and others. Self-love being the fearless resurrection of the embodied experience of 'ONE-self.'


Program: ‘Empowered Self Love’

This program is all about accessing and transforming your energy and intentions into the purest form of self-love to create and attract your dream life.

Fundamentally, your relationship with yourself impacts all areas of your life including your health, finances, career, relationships and living a joyful meaningful life. Your commitment and focused intention will provide the follow through for your transformation back to greater self-love. That’s where you become the magnetic attraction for all your desires.


Case studies….

‘Gina found me when I was a critical turning point of my life. I had a typically good life - I worked a corporate full time job in Canberra, I focused on my health and fitness and I socialised, travelled and pursued hobbies frequently. Mentally, I felt a little stressed with my life yet felt I had balance. I knew that I wanted to change my life but I didn't have a direction as to what that could be. Emotionally I was worried, because I had a pattern of toxic people in my life that caused moments of misery in between all the fantastic stuff. I felt like my life was either high or low, with nothing in between. I was constantly at war between my head and my heart, which I affectionately referred to as 'Attila the Hun' and 'My Little Pony'. I decided that there was no way this was a coincidence anymore; there was something in me that was allowing these dramatic issues to happen.

Gina reached out to me and at first I was sceptical as I have a very scientific, logical-based and rational mind. She used unfamiliar words and spoke of wellbeing and mindfulness concepts that were completely different to western psychology, which I was initially suspicious of. Nonetheless, I reasoned that past counselling did not provide enough change and thought that she intuitively understood my emotional struggles somehow. Emotional/mental health help is only effective if you can talk openly and I felt more at ease talking to Gina than any past professionals. Therefore, I committed to Gina's self love program, put aside all my skepticism and decided to be completely open to every lesson and concept. Turns out it was one of the best investments I have ever made in myself.

It's not that Gina's program changed my life, rather, it changed ME and empowered me to change my own life. I went through an inner transformation process that I cannot explain with my usual logic. Somehow it just worked - I healed past trauma and re-balanced myself and my life from being just "good" to being exceedingly excellent! I found direction to realise all of my wildest dreams: I now train full time professional circus and have a part time corporate job, whilst earning more than before. I also have the privilege of working remotely from the Gold Coast hinterland in a relaxing rainforest cottage. I learned to meditate unguided for up to twenty minutes to relieve mental/emotional stress, learned to express myself through performing arts and gained the peaceful intuition to prevent unnecessarily negative issues. I truly learned to love myself, which sounds cliche, yet so many of my previous issues stemmed from a lack of self worth. 

Ever since, I have received and connected with so many positive opportunities and people; it feels like my life is constantly on a high line. I still cannot rationalise how such positive events occurred, but now I know there is no need to because I can live with both my head and heart in a balanced and unified way. I now enjoy, live and breathe the mysterious workings of Gina's wellbeing/mindfulness/energetic concepts and I have never been happier - I go with the flow of my new magical life that I created for myself.’ (Melissa Wong)

'I undertook Gina’s self love program last year and  I didn’t know what to expect but I was really drawn to Gina and intrigued at what the course might bring about. I certainly didn’t expect that it would lead me to make big changes to my life and to my thinking. During the program I came to realise that I was living my life on the surface – I was going through the day to day motions but I was stuck and I wasn’t ever delving deep into my heart.  I was living out of my logical mind and not through my heart, my self-worth was low and I was holding onto emotional baggage from past failed relationships. Gina has now helped me change the way I live my life and the way I think about my future.  I’m a corporate lawyer and doing this course made me realise that I don’t have to stay on the path that I’m on and in the box that has been built around me by my high stress, demanding corporate job. 
I can choose to dream big and make my dreams a reality. I’m now planning on taking eight months off work to travel the world and do a yoga teacher training. I don’t know if I’ll go back to my job afterwards but I’m open to opportunities and the wonderful people that I know I’ll meet on the way. I highly recommend making the investment in yourself and doing this program – you won’t regret it!' (Camilla Sinclair, Sydney)