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The Nature Of Healing

Supporting your natural state of wholeness

GINA YALLAMAS - Urban Shaman and Transformational Coach


I’m the founder of Urban Shaman, Transformational Life Coaching and energy Medicine for leaders and busy professionals. I help you activate, unpack and navigate your latent potential in a balanced and sustainable way.

I’ve worked with the senior management and senior leadership levels of Australia’s biggest banks and technology companies.

Many people working in urban corporate environments, under high pressure in cutting edge technology, banking and finance are finding they need more balance and are delving into esoteric levels of personal and spiritual development.

The more they live a far-out fast paced urban life the more they gravitate to the far-out esoteric and deep personal transformation to regain and restore balance. in our modern world, if you’re living a ‘big life’ you need ‘big balance’.



  • Own the problem, take responsibility and learn

  • Be confidently kind and compassionate to yourself

  • Always be ‘present’ in your life and turn ‘absence’ into a holiday.

  • Opportunities are infinite so be open to receiving the next gift


  • Your higher potential is latent until you embody it

  • only you have the power to change you

  • Old habits can ‘die easy’, your beliefs and habits are what makes things hard

  • Trust and believe in your ‘Inner leader’ to create your em-powered-path


  • You can access a field of possibility in any moment if you believe it

  • When the heart is whole, the mind will follow

  • Happiness is temporary, go beyond the moment and find deep joy

  • Learn to ride the waves of high vibe feelings and frequency

This is an inside out journey creating your empowered path through self-love and energetic transformation. learn to lead and love yourself to access your higher human potential and then serve joyfully and sustainably.

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Quantum Healing, Transformational Coaching Packages and Acupuncture

Restore your health naturally and effectively through Quantum Healing, Transformational Coaching or Acupuncture.

'Coaching You Out Of Your Way' 9 week Package

‘Coaching You Out Of Your Way’ supports your personal commitment to showing up and taking action in your life to maintain your health and wellbeing, relationships, business, career, abundance, personal development and ability to find joy in everything.

This is about helping you design an empowered path back to your higher potential through vulnerability, courage, self-love and deep connection. You then:

  • Understand who you are as an energetic being

  • Open your heart to true self love

  • Begin the practice and intention to connect deeply to your innate knowing by releasing any limiting beliefs, habits and patterns.

  • Gain clarity on your purposeful path

  • Clear deep generational patterns and beliefs

The coaching strategies rely on a 3 step process: Preparation (3 weeks), Practice (3 weeks) and Potential (3 weeks). This allows you to integrate all you are receiving and actioning. I find that's the biggest issue for most people - maintaining a high level of connection and wellbeing for the long-term through changing habits and making everything you do a meaningful and fun experience! Life is meant to be lived well, it's up to you to challenge yourself to raise your bar and reclaim ‘balance’ as the prize!

'Level Up and Get Balanced' 9 week Package

This is for those who are ready for making an impact through personal commitment, connecting with and navigating intuitive flow and are asking ‘what can I contribute now?’.

You are ready for your next level of purposeful transformation by wanting to show up and take intentional action. This is the next step beyond the ‘Coaching You Out of Your Way’ package to help you evolve and co-create your reality through navigating your empowered path.

Receive guidance and energetic support to:

  • Transcend further limitations in a safe supported space

  • Set new intentions for expanded awareness and manifestation

  • Go beyond what you thought you could become and create through self-love

  • Learn to navigate more in flow and support yourself through true balance

9 X 60 min Transformational Coaching Sessions with accountability emails (weekly)

  • Energy optimisation techniques

  • Gaining clarity on your future vision

  • Gaining a high level of trust with accessing new levels of consciousness

6 x 45 min Quantum Healing sessions (cellular level healing)

4 x 30 min accountability checkin sessions (every 3 weeks)

(pre-requisite is the foundational ‘Coaching You Out of Your Way’ package)

(Online or face to face)

Community Quantum Healing

Quantum Healing is essentially a concept of using the unified field of creation to create what we desire, heal ourselves and reach our highest potential. 

Dr Jo Dispenza (expert in this field) states that 'if you understand that it's not matter that emits the field - its the field that creates matter, and if you change the field you change matter - then you could see how something that has literally been irreversible in medical history could be possible'.

Anything is possible if you understand the way Quantum science can help all areas of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual issues. It's about energy, frequency and vibration and how you harness it that creates your reality and everything you experience.

Join me on each New and Full moon to experience Community Quantum Healing and learn to harness this same power through embodying the free-flowing process accessed through meditative visualisation in the imagination.

We will use the moon cycles to support the 'wholeness' frequency coming through to help amplify your intentions.

Bring your yoga mat and a cushion to either sit or lie down, whatever you need on the night to be comfortable and receptive. Book in for 1 of 4 events in April and May!