The Nature

Of Healing

Supporting your

natural state of


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gina specialises in empowering open minded highly motivated wellness practitioners, professionals and coaches to reach their higher potential by accessing their inner coach.

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‘Empowered Self Love’

Lay the foundations for true inner connection. You are already pure potential, transforming your energy and intentions into the purest form of self-love allows you to access this potential and your Inner Coach to create your own empowered path.

The Nature Of Healing Gina Yallamas Programs

Coaching and mentoring support for your journey back to wholeness

Give yourself or a loved one the gift and experience of restoring your health naturally and effectively through Quantum Energy Healing and Strategic Intervention Coaching

The Nature Of Healing Gina Yallamas Coaching

Compliment Your Healing Journey.....


forces of nature online community

Join our Elemental Connections online community to help you balance your health and wellbeing and harness the healing power of nature.

Pulsing with the seasons…

move. meditate. magnify

Dance, meditation and energy activation events!

urban Retreats: TBC
Date 2019

One day awareness workshops

Weekend escapes: immersive experiences in the healing container of mother nature.