I worked with Gina over an 8-week period. During that time Gina helped me unravel ways in which I had been stuck in my life in the areas of work and relationships. She gave me practical advice and suggestions around intention setting and goals and how to put them into action.
I found Gina’s sessions to be casual, friendly and relaxed with the emphasis on whatever I was dealing with on the day of the session rather than a pre-determined session structure. The consistency of our weekly sessions helped to create momentum and accountability which was helpful to keep me focused and moving towards my goals.
I always left my sessions with Gina feeling positive and inspired. I would recommend Gina to anyone wanting to make positive change within their life.
— Megan, Coaching Client

Available face-to-face or remotely via Zoom


Return to optimal health and wellbeing through body, mind and spirit integration

Energy activation, alignment and clearing maintains health and wellbeing by targeting the root cause of your issues through frequency and vibration. As an Energy Medicine Practitioner I use Quantum Energy Healing and Transformational Coaching to work through your issues and teach you about your 'energetic footprint'. Through energy awareness and it's application in your daily life, you begin to build a deeper relationship with yourself on all levels of Body, Mind and Spirit.

Each session is unique and targets many biological complaints (circulatory, digestive, endocrine, immune system, hormonal, nervous system), physical pain and mental/emotional/spiritual imbalances. These messages require a deeper understanding and acceptance of your energetic habits and patterns so you can discover the root cause of your disturbances and move beyond them. They are all gifts in disguise!

Health and wellbeing starts with understanding who you are and why you have wellness challenges. Energy Medicine helps you decipher the intuitive messages from your body so you can resolve and restore your health and reconnect with your highest potential. As we work together to 'undo' the energetic blocks, habits or patterns that cause your wellbeing issues, you begin to feel the physical and non-physical shifts.

This ancient wisdom originating in natural correspondences is adapted to our modern times to provide preventative and restorative wellbeing models. Fundamentally, living an expansive joyful life with deeper intuitive connection is possible and necessary.

HOW the energy healing and COACHING WORKs

As a Quantum Energy Healer and Transformational Strategic Intervention Coach, I clear, recalibrate and reactivate your energy and teach you to harness and direct it. My uniqueness is in my capacity to enable you to activate your own intuitive awareness through understanding 'energy' and providing ongoing empowering, safe and supportive directives/principles to action in your life. Epigenetics and the Science of DNA activation, Healing and Repair is the basis from which my Quantum Energy Healing works as everything is energy and energy is in constant flux and motion. Shamanic Healing is also Quantum Healing where energy is transformed through accessing high frequency dimensions that shift, restore and recalibrate your personal frequency through the releasing and altering embedded belief systems. We are always energetically expanding through life experiences and relationships. I help guide you forward through your energetic terrain to help you align with and create your purposeful and joyful life.

As you begin to expand, you access your higher potential through empowered self-love. You are the creator of your reality so your ‘commitment to self’ will determine your journey. This is the purest from of self-love, being able to pause and focus on the deeper truth of who you are so you can live that highest version of YOU at your pace. This is a personal journey and we all choose to create that based on our guidance and passion.

Acupuncture + Chinese herbal medicine

Acupuncture works with your energetic systems throughout the body clearing and rebalancing your meridians on all levels of body mind and spirit. It is a highly effective Energy Medicine modality that provides great relief and resolution for many conditions in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual planes. Enhancing the bodies biological systems naturally to resolve and prevent pain and illness is where acupuncture excels. I work with all biological systems including the respiratory, cardiovascular, lymphatic, neurological, muscular skeletal, endocrine, circulatory, digestive, immune, reproductive urinary and autonomous nervous systems to bring the body, mind and spirit back to balance and harmony energetically.


Initial Consultation: Quantum/Shamanic Energy Healing and Transformational Coaching

personalised assessment of health and wellbeing symptoms/conditions, treatment summary and constitutional element diagnosis identifying and providing information and wellbeing advice specific to your needs.

75 mins

Online via Zoom/Skype (recorded) or Face to face


Initial consultation, assessment and treatment (75 mins)

Subsequent consultation, assessment and treatment (60 mins)

5 pack of sessions including consultation, assessment and treatment (60 mins each)

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