Coaching and Mentoring Support for Your Journey Back to Wholeness


How Coaching and mentoring Works

As a Quantum Energy Healer and Strategic Intervention Coach, I help you clear, recalibrate and reactivate your energy and teach you to harness and direct it. My uniqueness is in my capacity to enable you to activate your own intuitive awareness through understanding 'energy' and providing ongoing empowering, safe and supportive directives/principles to action in your life. My philosophy is that as everything is energy and energy is in constant flux and motion. Change is inevitable and remaining self empowered through knowing and trusting your continuous expansion will guide you forward in creating your purposeful life.

Participation and integration of life experiences is where change happens. You are evolving in every moment by choice. Celebrating and allowing yourself to explore your intuitive guidance is where you begin to make your desired impact. The discovery process unfolds when you intentionally step forward to begin designing your life.

As you begin to expand, you access your higher potential through empowered self-love. You are the creator of your reality so your ‘commitment to self’ will determine your journey. This is the purest form of self-love, being able to pause and focus on the deeper truth of who you are so you can live that highest version of YOU at your pace.


1:1 Quantum Energy Healing and Strategic Intervention Coaching session (90 mins)

1:1 Strategic Intervention Coaching session (60 mins)

1:1 Strategic Intervention Coaching Package (8 x 60 min sessions)

Further Information:

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