On Being Open, Vulnerable and Loving ... The Way of the Heart!

Really it comes back to your way of life and where you learnt to be YOU. Imagine learning to be you? Since when is it necessary to learn to be you when the only task we have is unfolding into what we always were. Sounds a little like a riddle yet the truth of our personal evolution is less complex than we are led to believe.

So much of who we are is spent in looking and searching rather than just trusting, knowing, accepting and believing. No one tells you that when you believe in yourself you actually surrender to your soul, the part of you who is already whole. Submitting to those less energetically pure fragments and beliefs means we believe in less than wholeness. Those parts are ‘parts’ for a reason, they haven’t quite made it back to the true belief in your soul self. That’s the key, loving those pieces back into your being. We all have them.

As I sit and write this next chapter of my own life so much expansion occurs as the letting go of beliefs becomes a cascade of energetic debris falling away from my heart. That’s where it all happens, the heart being able to open and be vulnerable to love. Our learnt behaviours often don’t teach us to be vulnerable and open with ourselves, we are taught to protect ourselves and hold fear where we then lose sight of our ability to be free and loving.

Wherever we are on this journey of self-discovery, the work to be done is all in the heart. We believe it’s in the mind because we learn that the mind is our master yet the truth is the heart is the emperor-ress and it leads the mind. Opening the heart is the only repetitive intentional action that can bring the loving feelings back into our lives.

Heart based compassion and passion in equal doses opens us up to who we are and keeps us focused on our own evolutionary path that naturally aligns with our purpose and expression. The issue that most of us have in maintaining this path is our innate tendency to judge that path, compare it to others and sink into expectations about what it ‘should’ be rather than just showing up and giving it a go no matter what.

This choice to go into fear instead of love is a constant battle between heart and mind. Habits that we acquire are revealed to us as we become more open and loving towards ourselves so we can reflect that ability to love openly to others. The key to loving ourselves through compassion and passion relies on our ability to bypass the mind games and dive into the heart space where we are called by our feelings.

Like Dr Who disappearing into his tardis or the idea of ‘beam me up Scotty’, the concept of dissolution and reinvention of oneself begins in energetic interaction, essentially the Quantum Field if you like to understand the science. The energy of celebration and vulnerability both hold equal and opposite frequencies when we choose to open the heart. They relate to the hearts natural ability to be both passionate and compassionate at the same time through conscious transference of our energy. Your level of awareness dictates your outcome, that’s where self-mastery reigns.

It may sound a little ‘technical’ however moving beyond the emotional charge is the self-mastery that we all seek. There is a difference between emotional charge and feelings, feelings are the frequencies we need to harness to open to our intuitive nature whereas emotions are messages that we receive as internal feedback.

We are mastering our minds, yet ironically the heart is the master. By focusing less on the mind and more on opening the heart, we are giving our mind a reference point where our heart becomes the mentor within, by choice. Our ‘Inner Coach’ or ‘Mentor’ is that soul-self returning to the body through the body-mind coherence.

Understand that all blessings ripple through us from a deep place like bubbles rising to the surface to be released. The potency of the heart opening vulnerability we display magnetises our desires and amplifies our lives with each vibrant expression and passionate feeling. Living a life that you love originates in you loving yourself and showing it to the world. Being the example of love is the ultimate mode of operation … to know thyself you have to show thyself.