Finding Your Original Source = Wholeness

Energetically, we are a pure representation of our thoughts, mind constructs, beliefs, habits and patterns. We unconsciously practice and reinforce who we are on a moment to moment basis. The essential aspect of tapping into our original source is about trust and letting go. We are so much more than we know, yet we cling to the notions of being what we have already defined. Defining or labelling yourself can be just as destructive for the soul as implementing change. Labels can evoke a sense of rigidity and change evokes movement, both valid depending on where you are on your personal journey. However, these definitions have an 'energetic' meaning that you provide according to your beliefs and expectations, your meaning may be complimentary but opposite. There is no right or wrong, perception is everywhere.

To clarify, there is always a solution to every problem you create. You may observe it as a problem but others may see it as a opportunity, the energetic meanings vary greatly. Whatever the problem, you need to own it and resolve it according to your own definitions rather than looking outside of yourself and searching for others opinions. All learning is relevant guidance however, true personal development or expansion requires action or implementation of your learning based on your own inner knowing. Without that connection to your truth (higher intelligence) you perpetuate a static state of being. This is no judgement, it is a recognition that wholeness requires you to be in full alignment - Body, Mind and Spirit. Living as your integrated higher self is a reality we are all shifting into at a rapid rate. It is possible if you believe and trust in your higher potential.

Accessing this higher intelligence is and always has been an unknown factor as most of us have traditionally been taught to perpetuate our limitations rather than our potential. It's the fundamental human experience that we came here to transcend. Even my own 'old story'  lingers, but I innately know I no longer need to hang onto that one anymore, that literally drags me down and limits my capacity to not only access more of my own hidden potential but to help others do the same.

When I first started working with energy as an acupuncturist, I had no idea where it was leading. I did many additional post-degree courses as learning was truly my greatest passion. I also focused on my spiritual journey through healing myself and began following my own higher intelligence as it was clearly calling me. With no expectations, I started to trust more and more. Some paths were disastrous (in my eyes) and others pure bliss. I soon learnt all paths were necessary for learning of a whole new kind that only existed in my heart, not a book. Although this journey continues into unknown places, I can look back at these times of healing fondly, gratefully and reverently as these foundations provided so much clarity for where I am now in this moment. Feeling blessed with gifts that I had no idea I had, I can now open up and tell more about my own healing journey.

It's funny to go through so many experiences and know that this is still just the tip of the ice-berg. My journey into the spirit world has been fascinating and I realise that those who are ready to believe in what I do, in terms of my energy work, will arrive. I now openly tell people about what I see in the spirit world and how these experiences benefit them body, mind and spirit. The natural progression from a purely physical world into acknowledgement of both physical and non-physical can no longer be denied. I know I've seen too much beauty beyond our 'seen' realm and plenty of others have too.

Rather than continue to put our heads in the sand, it's time to acknowledge who we are and the unseen realm that supports us to live our greatest potential. Living a limited life is still a choice, I choose to live beyond that and I now accept that I can openly express that so others in my field (energy medicine) can also confidently rise up and be conscious exemplars of the spirit world. We are all learning along the way, the main aim is to learn about our own 'higher' selves FIRST then we can navigate our way from there. That's what I'm here to do, reconnect people to their navigation system so they can shine their light effectively and share their gifts.

Essentially my version of universal law goes like this, 'the more I shine, the more you shine'. Why? Because my original source is connected to your original source so tapping into and operating from my own original source automatically shifts my frequency and yours. Like a mantra this is a given.

We are all operating from our own level of inner knowing, whether that's from our intellect (ego-mind) or higher intelligence (soul) or a combination, we are all defining what that is in each moment. Happiness is a high frequency that has multiple definitions and meanings, yet we innately know what it feels like. Finding the 'feeling' is the essential key to both accessing and managing your higher frequency experiences. It's the most important life skill to acquire as you move into a world where access to everything that you are in the non-physical realm relies on feeling. Potential is accessed through feeling, feeling requires you to be vulnerable, vulnerability is a heart based experienced that taps into pure self-love. You are the gift!

You came here to experience love through transcending your own beliefs and perceptions. You innately knew that by loving yourself beyond all else you also benefit others on your journey back to 'self'. Love, like everything, is an energy that you intuitively align with through 'feeling' based on your personal frequency in that moment. Your experiences of love are based in the present moment defined by your attachments to the past and future. Your 'love language' is an energetic frequency that pulses through every cell and aligns with your focused intention to exist in either the limited or expanded version of who you are in each moment. Energy moves fast so this can be creating chaos or calm depending on your current state of being and ability to navigate through your inner terrain. 

The message here is literally that the 'aligned self' is what matters most and reaching your higher potential is the greatest gift you can provide for yourself and humanity. Commitment to this journey back to your 'true self' then opens the door to you receiving multiple opportunities to create a life according to your unique intuitive gifts, if you choose. 

The only belief system we truly need is 'what we do for ourselves we do for others' regardless of the multitude of perceptions surrounding us in the physical realm. Everything is energy, become the observer and facilitator of your own energy. That's the greatest service that you can provide for humanity and the non-physical realm. It's time to stand tall and acknowledge your 'unseen' gifts and super-powers.... that's the REAL joy!