Honouring The Beauty - Big and Small

Finding something inspirational in your everyday life is essential. Do you have a 'go to' vision thought, experience or place? Many people find themselves 'measuring' beauty in some comparative way, yet it is really only relevant to you. This need to compare and contrast detracts from the essence of 'beauty' as your focus shifts from the beauty to the comparison then to judgement. Have you ever observed yourself doing this unconsciously or even consciously?

I remember being solo in Rishikesh, India and being drawn into a void of beauty as I sat on the edge of Ganges River on a small temple pedestal enjoying the sun and a huge moment of 'beauty'. Admittedly, the high vibrational energy there easily connects you to a place of beauty yet it was more an appreciation of it rather than an expectation of it taking me elsewhere. I simply went to a deep place of gratitude and appreciation for the simplicity of beauty and it's presence in ALL things.

Challenging ourselves to integrate this as a daily practice in our lives provides meaning. I see it as an addition to a gratitude practice where it expands connection to a greater energetic force outside our own personal field. Intuitively connecting with this beauty in the moment is even more powerful in that you are guided to engage with this moment and rather than rush through it, sit with it and expand it. When was the last time you stopped in your busy day to just sit and close your eyes at your desk, in your parked car or in between meetings?

We tend to focus on meditation, visualisation and contemplation as a separate practice that's done at the beginning or end of the day rather than moment to moment. Sometimes it's more important to integrate these 3-5 minute moments of peace to create a high vibe visualisation for our next move in the day. Why is this so important? Tuning into these higher vibrations helps us tune into our higher potential which means we can make more grounded decisions and take action with more clarity. Not only that, a great sense of peace can be reached in a very short amount of time so that any concerns, worries, expectations or other emotions can begin to melt away to make space for what we need to receive in that moment.

Each moment brings it's own challenges and opportunities and seeing them through the eyes of beauty or potential is a far more enjoyable experience. This deeper connection is our creativity and imagination paving the way for a more uplifting experience so our energetic frequency remains high. We have limited hours in each day in which to make a difference in our lives and learning to operate and maintain a high frequency is far more productive than struggling through the density of low frequency energies. 

I think we can all relate to the ineffective slow-paced scenarios in our lives yet we still believe its necessary to maintain this mode of operation in lieu of exploring and learning to shift into a higher frequency willingly and confidently. The focus in my work is moving beyond expectations that are our current 'normal' operating mode and jumping into a Quantum understanding that we are creating our lives in each moment and we are in charge. There is no one else dictating our lives, we are making the decisions and creating our reality. Whatever appears in your physical world came from your thoughts, words and actions. 

This can be very confronting for many people as they believe life happens 'to them' rather than 'through them'. The concept of moving beyond your own limitations comes when you realise you are the only one who is accountable for your life. This is part of my own definition for self-realisation. It's that simple.

After this initial realisation (shock) we can begin to reflect on our inner world with more appreciation, kindness, forgiveness and acceptance. Humbling as it is, we can now refocus our energy to create an even greater life from a place of higher potential, gratitude and coherence. Taking responsibility for ourselves takes on a new meaning and it sends ripples of positivity out into the multi-verse. Our whole understanding of higher potential becomes real and a true possibility. 

It all starts in believing and honouring the beauty of what lies beyond the physical in the non-physical. My mantra is 'feel, receive then follow'. Trust in receiving inspired action that comes naturally in a 'flow' state. This can be your reality if you choose to explore the Quantum field of potential and possibility.

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