Streaming the 'Team'

Having human qualities that are based upon a 'super-computer' style of operation rather than a single laptop makes a difference to what we can create in our lives. Essentially, our human qualities vary depending on our ability to own our power. From a Quantum perspective we have access to all possibilities in any moment. If that feels like a big bold unattainable goal, it indicates a degree of limitation in the body-mind connection. That's the normal state of being most of us operate from due to numerous acquired programs, patterns, beliefs and habits. Without an understanding of those personal programs and beliefs, we can go through life steeped in limitation as we unconsciously recycle our patterns day-to-day, moment-to-moment.

Acquiring tools and techniques to find our own 'blind-spots' and targeting them like playing a game of space-invaders, is the way to empower ourselves so we can access our higher consciousness stream. That's all we are doing, accessing the high frequency band widths to download what we need to create a life based on an unlimited imagination. Beyond the physical body we have our own guidance team that we unconsciously stream in those 'connected synchronistic' moments. e always streaming energy of one frequency or another so why not make it conscious co-creation? Let's give credit to the team we are streaming and work together. 

Without any specific order as their is only wholeness beyond our perception, our spirit or higher intelligence (often referred to as the I AM presence) knows who we really are and what we are capable of achieving, this is the flawless being we all crave to become. The mind is our ego or wounded child waiting to be loved back into wholeness by you accepting yourself as you are and releasing all your problems and perceptions that feed the 'trench-like' neural pathways of limitation. The body then holds all the energetic debris of these beliefs, programs and patterns in its cellular memory that creates the human form we inhabit - our thoughts and beliefs about ourselves create our body. These 3 essential aspects often roam aimlessly throughout our lives until we choose to reconnect all 3 parts by re-establishing a new relationship with ourselves based on wholeness rather than separation. 

For me, happiness is being lovingly and brutally honest with myself at the same time because I am completely aware of all aspects of who I am when I am in conversation with them. This is also my definition of true freedom, humility and wholeness, knowing who I am and what I am meant to achieve in this lifetime through inner communication, not by default via a wounded inner and/or outer system. This re-connection comes from a place of empowered self-love that sets the scene for wonderous experiences and creations to emerge naturally from wholeness and flow.

The path to this is what we choose to create based on our level of awareness. For most of us it can appear and feel treacherous, yet when we are in flow, it is pure bliss. It's a choice and a commitment to self-empower ourselves beyond all beliefs and take responsibility for our own sphere of reality. This is achievable and the possibilities are limitless..... more than ever.