Energy and Awareness

'Focus' is energy in motion. Manifestation of our lives comes from our conscious or unconscious focus. Without getting too technical, our personal energetic frequency creates alignment through choice. The power of choice holds the key to altering and managing your frequency. Why is this important? When applied to our health, disharmony in the body is a result of lower frequency choices. As everything has a vibrational frequency, it's in our best interest to become aware of how we can make better choices consciously. The trick is becoming aware of the 'unseen' patterns that create energetic distortions in your body and mind that manifest in physical and mental emotional issues.

Awareness is the high-powered anti-dote to combat the 'unseen' parts of you. This is not the awareness of what's around you, rather it's the awareness of what's inside you that reflects outwardly. Observing your own behaviour cultivates inner awareness. Passive meditation brings about stillness to connect with inner awareness and is the most beneficial. However, I like to encourage clients to participate in their inner awareness and begin to cultivate their own active meditation style through observing their own behaviour.

This may initially look like 'people watching' that evolves into observing specific situations or people you are attracting. All these elements are energetic clues as to what your 'inner' world is reflecting outwardly as you are creating each circumstance and situation from each thought and feeling you emit. It's truly fascinating when you take the time and effort to become the natural observer of your life, without judgement. This is where transformation takes place, through self-realisation on an energetic level.

Once you recognise and accept these inner patterns, without judgement, you begin to take responsibility for your life circumstances and can set focused intentions to make energetic shifts according to your hearts desires. Forward motion from the heart is where intention and guided action align. This is the self-mastery that needs no technical or medical name, it's just the observation of energy in motion, David Attenborough style!