Practicing Self Expression - Energetically

As a child we spend many hours on play equipment finding balance, exploring boundaries and generally seeking joy. As adults our focus shifts from pure playful extremes of joy to practical experiences based on a definition of survival.  

Finding the balance within ourselves through exploration of extremes is a whole education process in itself. Passion and creativity have always been birthed from extremes, extremes of what though? An oscillation of heart and mind, feeling and thinking, harmonious flow of freedom of expression. The beauty is that in this child-like creative process there is no judgement, just numerous options. There may be power struggles between the children as they play however the creativity is oozing from moment to moment.

Where in our lives do we get stuck or disconnected from this creative flow? It's variable and often unconscious. Some people start school or higher education and become knowledge obsessed, others start working and become absorbed in the repetitive nature of structured processes. It's all a perception that we happen to align with because that's what we inherently know at the time. There are many possibilities to choose from based upon our personal set of expectations and beliefs so we then create our chosen reality in that moment depending on where our energy is focused. Everything is malleable but fixed - interdependence provides this freedom and flexibility if you choose that perspective. 

Often our work becomes the one and only focus (for awhile) as we move through levels of mastery. As we become busy in that area we then observe that there's more than just work so we combine work, social life and health to diversify our lives. This is just one scenario used as an example however the idea of finding balance is an innate quality in all of us. We are primed to find the balance point in everything we do.

Becoming flexible with the idea of 'change' is going to naturally benefit our lives and the younger generations are showing us that in the way they live their lives. They're here to be examples of life force energy in the flow of joy and play - something that can be counter-intuitive for others. A Quantum life is all about that, we can have everything we desire if we believe that unconditionally and intuitively follow through. We are creating our reality and the more joy and play we experience, the faster that reality flows to us - high frequency energy equals flow!

When we get lost or become stuck in our lives, an honest inner-appraisal of where we are and how we got there is necessary. Reflections are necessary to identify the low vibrational energies blocking the truth and encourage us to take responsibility for our lives energetically. We all need honest self-evaluation to keep us in check and this checking process is a natural process that compliments our expansion and growth. Just as a continuous regenerative and checking life cycle exists in nature, we also operate our own life cycle to create a sustainable and healthy existence. Doing it consciously from a heart centred focus is where we learn true self-mastery.

We often forget that we are making these choices ourselves and can review them at any moment to alter the course of our lives. No one can stop us or redirect us except ourselves. This reminds us of both our vulnerability and our power - extremes of choice. The essence of this is that if we are both vulnerable and empowered in both our heart and mind, we can then become a more whole version of who we are meant to be, minus the judgement and expectation. Life is one great experiment, and everything and everyone is always changing at their chosen pace.