Sustainable Living

Nature is the ultimate community, it provides for all it’s inhabitants including us. All we need is there in front of us from the food grown in the earth, the air we breathe, the water we drink, the fire we enjoy from the sun and the high frequencies surrounding us in the atmospheric ether. These 5 elements are the true foundations of life as nothing on this planet can exist without them. For me this realisation evokes a true appreciation and respect for life similar to a child blissfully rummaging in the wonders of nature.

In my Quantum Energy Healing and Intuitive Energy Coaching work, I apply first principles to find the root cause(s) of a client's energetic blocks/patterns. Many related issues surface as a result of the main patterns being shifted as we are complex organisms. Energetically, we are always clearing and aligning ourselves to higher frequencies so it's an ongoing journey or process. For example, we often limit ourselves through the unconscious definition of labels or belief systems that eventually create stuck-ness (like staying in a job you don't like for too long). We attach to these as they define meaning for us in that moment. However, the limitations can be unconsciously deceiving as they hold an energetic frequency and your frequency is defined by the meaning you apply to your words, thoughts, beliefs or actions. Its the energetic responsibility to self that counts. 

How does this relate to the 5 elements? These forces provide natural rhythm for living a sustainable life. Some cultures base their existence around the simplicity of natural flow through day/night and seasonal rhythms that support a more balanced human life. What does this look like? One aspect is taking time to actively tune into and listen to our bodies needs and becoming a conscious observer of our minds and intuition. Where can we adjust our life force energies to feel high frequency changes? In the quality of the food we eat, our water intake, conscious breathing and engaging in the natural elements of the sun, moon, stars and cosmos to connect with our higher intuitive mind. Engaging in these higher frequencies provides a natural way to sustain heath and wellbeing. This connection with our planet helps us appreciate the energetics of our body and mind. When these aspects move into a state of harmony, spirit can flow through us and begin the high potential co-creation we are all craving.

Western cultures often swim against the natural flow by placing a higher value on the need to build a life solely based around action and achievement. The first principles of yin/yang theory tell us that balance is achieved through the flow of 'inaction and action' to maintain harmony. This is directly reflected in our parasympathetic (yin) and sympathetic (yang) nervous systems where restoration mode (yin) and flight mode (yang) compliment each other in each day/night cycle. Over time, operation in 80% flight mode is going to create imbalance - it's natural law. Being aware of the natural flow cycle in each day where we move from flight mode (yang action in the morning/midday) into restoration mode (yin inaction in the late afternoon/evening) sets up a whole new focus for our daily routine. The level of action and inaction is variable, however the idea of acceleration in the morning and deceleration in the afternoon/evening is a more sustainable model for our lives. We in the Western world are mostly conditioned against this natural flow as our focus and intention is set in the continuous default flight mode of action.

How we adapt our lives to higher frequency sustainable living is a choice and requires an honest evaluation of our own daily routine. These are the first principles that create 'your' version of a sustainable life. That's where my value as an Energy Medicine Practitioner assists people to redirect and navigate their own reality through energetic shifts to align with their chosen higher frequencies. We are essentially creating our reality energetically as everything is energy.

Fundamentally, the 5 elements brings us all together at a core level of existence. This acknowledgement allows us to step into a broader perspective of our core purpose - to reflect upon, appreciate and enjoy the foundations of all life. Historically, community was formed around these elements and natural laws maintained a conscious and sustainable ecosystem. Over time, human evolution has consciously and unconsciously moved from connection to disconnection and back again, however the planet continues to be our underpinning life force. How we connect with Earth is a reflection of how we connect with ourselves.

Sharing the planetary resources with everything and everyone is a big responsibility. Essentially, if our daily interactions come from the heart where we maintain a high level of respect for ourselves, others and the planet, we naturally shift into a more sustainable mode of living. Tuning into the planetary guides that are the seasons, the weather, the stars, the moon, sun and tides reconnects us back to our heart through the body and mind. The Quantum reality we are living extends out from the physical into the non-physical. If we choose to live our higher potential, going deep into the understanding of Quantum transformation is necessary. Life is an exploration of our parts (body, mind and spirit) to reach the ultimate wholeness of a creating a high vibe Quantum life.