The Dilemma Of Living A Double Life

Essentially authenticity is freedom - freedom to be YOU. When I was in the process of re-branding my business I realised how far I had shifted my 'message' as a Quantum Energy Healer and Intuitive Energy Coach away from my mainstream life as an Acupuncturist. This was my choice but at the time I didn't realise how rapidly my gifts would come in and shift my whole perspective on healing. Amazing and exciting learning curve as it was through pure trust and authenticity that I came into alignment with the gifts I have acquired. 

I knew intuitively knew these healing gifts would eventually emerge however the learning process itself was purely based upon my ability to open my heart to ways of being that were beyond this realm. Many people know and read about shamanism and energy healing in various circles but it's the act of going there and exploring the boundaries that was by far the most fascinating and confronting. These life lessons not only apply to my healing but my responsibility as a soul living a human experience. The level of sincerity, gratitude, acceptance, compassion, reflection, humility (and so on) reached has been a journey in itself. 

Through that evolution I finally confronted myself (with the help of my multi-dimensional guides and earth bound mentors) to come out of the closet and become the Energy Healer and teacher I came here to be. Authenticity became a really beautiful process as I was playing with how I could present myself to the world and be able to cross borders (so to speak) between the multi-dimensional spirit world and the earth plane. Both are fun in so many different ways and I found that my greatest challenges were bringing these worlds together without living a 'double life'. That required more than trust, pure faith and not giving a hoot about what anyone thought. 

Through my own healing process I realised I could choose how to assist others on their own journey so I began 'planting seeds' with the people who were ready to explore their awareness or accelerating those who have been on their journey for awhile. Either way, I trusted that the people who I could help would turn up and they have, every day, every time. This way of existing is magical it still requires me to show up every day and do the work of expansion for myself and others (in fact, more than ever), however the joy associated with healing as a 'job' is bliss. That's my journey so far, there's a lot more to come of course, however it's good to share at various milestones on this journey to encourage others to courageously move forward without hesitation. 

Many people ask about the heart opening process and it always comes back to your willingness to be vulnerable and surrendering to the unknown without expectation or judgement. Vulnerability is the elixir of the heart, it opens you up and allows you to to accept yourself as you are. Again, this is a choice and doesn't need to be done publicly, working with people or practitioners who you trust and resonate with is essential to self-development of any kind. Be mindful of the type of external guidance you receive and let your intuition/gut feeling guide you there. As a Quantum Energy Healer and Intuitive Energy Coach, a holistic approach to integrate Body, Mind and Spirit is ideal for attaining wholeness.

Other aspects of living a 'double life' that I should mention is that it takes far more energy to live inauthentically than authentically, I can proudly vouch for that as I'm sure others can too. Authenticity is pure flow, your energy is transformed when in this natural state. Stepping into your own authentic power can be daunting only because of the belief systems you carry, it's all a perception, hence the need to follow your own path and be guided intuitively from within rather than from outside. Seeking yourself is a process and a commitment, the ultimate relationship is the one you have with yourself, you are worth the effort. Your innate knowing will lead you to places you couldn't possibly imagine, until you get there. You just have to say 'yes' and commit to the healing process ahead.