Who Is The Authentic You?

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The authentic you is an evolution and integration of all your parts. You are many fragments that have been scattered by your life experiences. Authenticity is about finding those essential parts of YOUR whole and realigning them in Body, Mind and Spirit. It's not easy finding true authenticity if you're feeling 'scattered'!

Your intention to become your authentic self is important as you then allow yourself to dive into your essence and reconnect those missing parts of your whole. If however, these fragments are deeply rooted in your hidden subconscious patterns or past lives, they can be difficult to find.

This journeying back to your authentic self is essentially the path back to your pure potential and true essence. It's this self-realisation that takes you to many dimensions and back if you choose to commit to your true expression.

Do your trust and believe in the limitless qualities within you? True authenticity encompasses Body, Mind and Spirit as a whole. When splintered, these three aspects create internal imbalance. In alignment, the path to authenticity becomes clear.

How do you honour this authentic self? By doing the inner work and cleaning up your energy, that's an individual choice you make. Acknowledging yourself as a higher potential energetic being operating in both physical and non-physical realms is essential. The personal commitment to begin healing the fragmented parts of your whole then opens doors to living your pure potential.

This honest shift in consciousness is the highest form of self-love. As a bundle of energy, your frequency and vibration are your REAL story. As you master your energy, you can move quickly towards your authentic soul self.

We are always selectively tuning in and out of vibrational frequencies in every moment. Maintaining a high frequency then becomes a responsibility to yourself to honour your body, mind and spirit, Just as training for a marathon takes time and effort, so does the connection back to your pure potential. If you believe you can do this you will. If you doubt this, the energetic resistance will hinder the flow. Your energy is always flowing, however the rate at which it flows is determined by your personal beliefs, thoughts, actions and ability to trust.

Authenticity is about letting go of the 'person you believe you are' and allowing the unseen reality of who you are to unfold through your intuitive knowing and inner compass. This is not a competition, it's a journey where you set the pace. It can begin now, next week or in a year. When you awaken, you soon realise the path is necessary.

Your energetic frequency will oscillate according to the healing you do through integrating your fragmented aspects. Choosing to heal and integrate yourself into a higher frequency is firstly a process of dissolution of your 'limiting' energy followed by the resurrection of your pure unrealised latent energetic potential.

At first it feels like there is nothing rational about this process because the energetic blocks and 'programs' absorbed throughout your life opposes this new reality. It's always your choice to believe in whatever reality you create. It's your own experiences that determine how much or how little you believe. When you are ready, you are ready. You are essentially here to expand in joy and love and be your own example of high frequency pure potential.

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Gina Yallamas