Surrendering To Your Soul

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Often we unconsciously recognise the many aspects of our being in fragments. We have multi-dimensional connections that come in dreams, synchronicities and intuitive hits. These all represent snapshots and opportunities for greatness.

Transparency allows us to connect with our soul if our 'filters' are cleared. Our filters are limitations that we feed with our thoughts, confusion and behaviour. Inevitably, limitations become our normal state where we seek solace in our comfort zones. This keeps our mind busy as we remain in forgetfulness of who we really are.

The 'awakening' process is an act of remembering who we are. We see and feel a wholeness that is unfamiliar and often incites fear. However, this foreign feeling is literally too good to be true, it's more than happiness, it's a sense of peace and coming home.

Even brief moments of these states begin to access and connect us back to the unchartered waters of our soul. The waters can be both treacherous and calm however we have to trust and allow this to unfold unconditionally, this is the ultimate form of self-love, the journey back to ourselves.

We begin with tuning in and out with 'partial' intuitive connections when we set the intention to begin the realignment of Body, Mind and Spirit. These openings work towards wholeness when consciously integrated.

When we are in 'separation' or 'denial' we distribute our consciousness through Body, Mind and Spirit haphazardly. With intention we can begin to realise that wholeness is achievable and begin to practice higher levels of trust and connection.

We essentially create this connection through our thought processes. The challenge lies in our ability to see beyond the filters of limitation (mind) and access a whole new reality (heart & mind). Understanding the infinite nature of our energetic existence allows us to 'believe' in more of our potential without doubt and confusion.

Through the seemingly intangiblenature of this esoteric energy, we learn to connect with our soul aspect. What felt like memories have become real again, a sense of de ja vu. The key is allaying the subconscious fears and familiar belief systems and 'feeling' your way through the heart rather than thinking your way through the head. The heart is where we dive into the real truth of our intangible potential.

Opening ourselves to this purity allows us to function outside the isolation of our mind and begin integrating the heart. When we see and own our 'mind' constructs, we can begin to discern the terrain of the heart as something quite unique. They are a team.

Feelings honour the heart to create heart based action and connection (soul). Thoughts are the domain of the thinking mind (ego) that moves between positive, negative and neutral terrain. The two are inseparable because they need each to operate effectively on this earth plane.

Self mastery lies in our ability to harness the imaginative, child-like and magical aspects of the soul beyond the mind. Conscious re-direction of our energy through intention gives our energetic emissions direction and purpose.

The term 'mind games' often relates to negative messages, however this is a choice. Consider the concept of 'heart & mind games' and imagine yourself playing with the opportunities that can be integrated through creativity. Creating our reality is literally a creative process based in our ability to imagine the life we desire. Our soul aspect is encouraging this creative process and begins to guide us back to the truth of who we are.

During this 'awakening' process, we open unconscious pathways in our DNA that release a pure source or reservoir of energetic potential. Until we remember this original 'state of being' we are living a reality through latent potential.

Surrendering our belief systems, thought forms and expectations to our higher potential allows access to our unrealised states. Initially, the process can be a windy road as we traverse subconscious behaviour arbitrarily. Like meditation, this takes practice as we become observers of our reality so we can target our true essence.

All the while, we are remembering that we are so much more than the world we created around us. As we all begin creating our own personal model of a peaceful loving existence, the collective model alters accordingly through the natural laws of energy. We are all connected and always assisted through our soul's guidance as our journeys unfold. When we trust and surrender to the unseen aspects of our energetic existence, we are led to multi-dimensional realms where we experience our quintessential nature.

Looking beyond the 3D world with new intentions will set us up for the alignment and interlocking of our Body, Mind and Spirit - wholeness. Painting our future canvas with a multi-dimensional colour palette containing stardust and invisible ink encourages joy and play. Anything can be created, destroyed and re-created in any moment. Life is a lego playground, we just need to use our imaginations.

By playing with our intentions, we can imagine our way out of the limited mind to begin creating fun heart and mind games rather than just participating in what is expected. This is where the real joy of expansion and unlimited potential exist.

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