Quantum Transformation

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A simplistic approach to Quantum understanding can transform your behavioural patterns.

As a bunch of 'particles', you often don't realise your inner power to choose how you behave and operate. Like anything this is a learned skill that requires focus and practice. When you become hyper-aware of yourself as a high potential energetic being and believe it, you can transform your energy.

Firstly, your heart is the doorway to your potential so connecting with your feelings is essential. Secondly, you have a body, mind and a spirit to use as your navigational tools to create the life you desire. When you fully appreciate all three aspects of who you are, you begin to connect them up to reach wholeness again.

Quantum theory helps you understand these connections through the nature of your genetic tendencies. On a minute scale, the science behind this theory is based in the frequency and vibration of your moment to moment chemical interactions. These interactions and reactions dictate your state of being and the life you are creating.

Moving from the minute scale to your physical reality, you can alter your 'perceptions' by exploring your everyday interactions and reactions. This can be done both passively and actively, it's your choice. Awareness then comes from various 'messengers' that assist you to explore your human existence. These include your body (pain, discomfort, biological disease, sensations) mind (emotions, beliefs, thoughts) and spirit (heart connection, intuitive guidance, feelings).

Quantum energy healing engages the minute scale of particles (protons, electrons and neutrons) and begins a process of harmonising these elements through changes in frequency and vibration. You are ALWAYS attuning yourself to a certain frequency and you can either do this consciously or unconsciously. You ALWAYS have a choice.

To raise or lower your frequency, you can choose to become aware of your reactions and interactions on a physical scale that is a direct correlation with the minute scale of your chemical arrangement in each moment. These chemical reactions and interactions are none other than your emotions, beliefs, sensations, biological messages, feelings and intuitive guidance all rolled into one. How you connect with each aspect is the real education required to become truly present in your life to create your 'greatness and lightness'.

Awareness brings healing opportunities that rearrange your chemical and biological makeup. Quantum healing is essentially the harmonisation of your cellular or molecular structure through entrainment with higher frequencies. You may have heard of the 'emotional scale' where the low frequency emotions such as anger, sadness, grief, worry, resentment, guilt, blame and shame lie under the FEAR umbrella and the high frequency emotions of acceptance, compassion, inspiration, acknowledgement, forgiveness, kindness and joy lie under the LOVE umbrella. The choices you make through the myriad of fear and love frequencies essentially dictate the degree to which you raise or lower your frequency.

Other factors that alter your frequency are your environmental influences that include the people and places you interact with on a daily basis. Everything on this planet emits a frequency so understanding and feeling what works for you is critical to the state of your energy. Being active in your awareness is what will motivate you to enquire about your higher potential and re-shape your future based on your intentions and choices.

As a Quantum Energy Healer, I use my human heart field as a gateway for high frequency universal energy to flow through me to you. This connection allows the entrainment process to occur whereby your frequency realigns with the universal frequency on a cellular level. I then provide direction for this universal energy to flow through you to where the healing is required. Intention is what directs this energy and allows it to resolve the inner conflict that leads to a belief in separation of the body, mind and spirit.

Remember you ALWAYS have a choice, however your mind awareness (intellect) often differs from that within your heart (intuition). The higher frequencies exist through heart connection so essentially heart based feelings and actions will impact your energy from a high vibrational direction. However, when both heart and mind are synchronised and communicating with each other as a 'team', the high frequency flow is optimised. Scientifically rationalising the heart is something I find difficult, however Quantum theory begins to give Energy Medicine and Healing an opportunity to step forward as a viable and natural alternative to other medical intervention. The essential aspect is that you BELIEVE.

If you would like to learn more about energy coaching and quantum healing can transform your life, we've got some fantastic free resources.