Own Your True Energetic Blueprint

Ever wondered what it is about us that makes us love our limitations more than our potential? It astounds me that we are these pure energetic beings that have infinite potential lying dormant in our DNA yet we choose to cling to our flaws? Although this seems to a common human theme, we have a CHOICE to reveal or hide our potential purely through our own intention. Often the issue is a subconscious or unconscious pattern that we've embedded into our biological or neurological systems. As a result, we unconsciously disempower ourselves until we become aware of what's happening in our human 'blind spots'.

Empowerment starts within, it's a movement that emanates from inside and eventually sends stronger energetic waves outward as momentum builds. That's 'The Nature of Healing'. These hidden aspects of ourselves linger in 'unconscious states' until we receive a wake up call or start to get curious about our limiting repetitive patterns. Just as a drop of water hits the surface of the ocean and radiates outward, out potential does the same from within but the electromagnetic waveforms radiate from our 'heart space'. The size and force of these waveforms expand and contract with how we feel about ourselves.

When we empower ourselves to intentionally believe in our pure potential, we become that intention through the science of quantum mechanics. Intention is everything when it comes to creating ripples in our own universe! When we say 'yes' to what we want to change within our inner sanctum, the vibrational shifts happen accordingly. Maintaining the strength of our intention and acting on it is the next step for it to unfold, align and appear.

Let's face it, many of us could reclaim bucket loads of our energy if we set the intention to regularly switch off from our social media accounts. That's the kind of commitment it takes to own our inner worth and stand out of the crowd as a 'brand' unto ourselves. This brings up massive fears in many of us but it's what we believe that counts. No one can set boundaries for us but if we have no boundaries in place, that's another issue. The idea is to have healthy boundaries that work for us as we expand. We create our own reality so if we are consciously taking responsibility for our energetic input and output, shifts will occur. Those shifts are all based on our current frequency in any moment so if we feel good, we're going to be in a high vibe space, if we feel anything below that, our vibrational frequency will reflect that straight back to us.... Universal law.

So how do we alter these beliefs? By setting the intention to believe that we are already pure potential and that our mind is simply relaying old patterns for us to accept and integrate. Remember out-dated beliefs, habits and patterns lurk in the subconscious and unconscious mind and require our acceptance and attention to raise our vibration. These aspects may not be something we like about ourselves, however ignoring or hiding them serves no purpose other than to prolong the pattern and make a mountain out of a mole hill over time. Besides, all parts of us make up our 'personal brand', whether we like it or not. They were our creations after all and often we designed them specifically to shift our awareness at some point along our journey.

Essentially our 'personal brand' then becomes an energetic narrative of all kinds of experiences that make up the 'spice of life'. Fear and joy are like salt and pepper, although they are vibrationally opposite they both add flavour to the dish. Being open, flexible and accepting of our 'personal brand' makes us feel both vulnerable and confident at the same time. Interdependence is founded on complimentary and opposite creating an ever-changing cycle of expansion and contraction leading to wholeness. Nature at it's best!