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Your Healing Journey Begins here...

Living a High Frequency Quantum life is based on your ability to believe in a limitless life.

The journey starts with optimising your personal energy and focusing your intentions towards your 'naturally empowered higher intelligence' from an integrated level of wholeness (Body, Mind and Spirit). 

Lay the foundations for true inner connection:

'The Nature of Being Me’

(Personalised Program)

Module 1: Seeding Your Life

Module 2: Expanding Your Life

Module 3: Co-Creating Your Life


You are ALREADY PERFECT, you just need to believe it. That’s what I’m here to do - coach you back to this number one truth. You are worth it so start by saying ‘yes’ to loving yourself first!

How do the modules work?

I guide you through knowledge, practices and action directed learning to build a better relationship with yourself so you can thrive personally and in all areas of:

1. Health and Wellbeing

2. Business/career

3. Finances

4. Relationships - personal and other

5. Finding and living a life of joy and meaning

Fundamentally, your relationship with yourself impacts all these areas. Targeting what you would like to transform in these 5 areas of your life sets the intention for the program.


Celebrating Who You Are ... Heart Centred, Playful  + Passionate!


Returning to 'empowered' Self Love - higher potential

Symbolically, we have always been whole and are still whole on a soul level. Before birth we are whole in Body, Mind and Spirit however the birthing process disconnects these three aspects for the journey ahead. The ‘7 year life-cycle’ becomes a road map where you begin to absorb many beliefs and programs that influence your purity and ability to live your limitless potential. Returning to your true potential or soul connection is the challenge and the opportunity to expand and grow. The return journey then requires a deeper commitment to your soul's path through realignment of the Body, Mind and Spirit. 

The opportunities to re-seed your life are limitless once you begin the self-awareness process. Universal and natural laws govern this transformation as you learn to become the co-creator of your life, intuitively guided by your soul.



Remembering Who You Really Are - a field of potential

Your ability to remember who you are is proportional to your ability to love yourself. Resistance to love is what creates physical, mental, emotional and spiritual disturbances through the vibrational imbalance of belief systems, thoughts, words, actions and expression. The shift in your perspective initiates a reconnection of the body-mind to begin re-wiring your neural pathways and releasing embedded habits and patterns from the body's cellular structure. This continuous DNA level activation engages your expanded rather than limited self. 

As a facilitator of the heart, I assist you with exploding your limiting habits and patterns and coach you back to your natural state of wholeness where you are already the authentic empowered version of you (higher self). 

Essentially, this ‘homecoming’ is all about empowered self-love leading to unconditional love for yourself and others. Self-love being the fearless resurrection of the embodied experience of 'ONE-self.' 


Program: ‘Intoxicated And In Love With … Yourself’

This program is all about accessing and transforming your energy and intentions into the purest form of self-love to create and attract your dream life.

Fundamentally, your relationship with yourself impacts all areas of your life including your health, finances, career, relationships and living a joyful meaningful life. Your commitment and focused intention will provide the follow through for your transformation back to greater self-love. That’s where you become the magnetic attraction for all your desires.


Coaching and Mentoring support for your journey back to wholeness


How Coaching and mentoring Works

As a Quantum Energy Healer and Strategic Intervention Coach, I clear, recalibrate and reactivate your energy and teach you to harness and direct it. My uniqueness is in my capacity to enable you to activate your own intuitive awareness through understanding 'energy' and providing ongoing empowering, safe and supportive directives/principles to action in your life. My philosophy is that as everything is energy and energy is in constant flux and motion. Change is inevitable and remaining self empowered through knowing and trusting your continuous expansion will guide you forward in creating your purposeful life.

As you begin to expand, you access your higher potential through empowered self-love. You are the creator of your reality so your ‘commitment to self’ will determine your journey. This is the purest form of self-love, being able to pause and focus on the deeper truth of who you are so you can live that highest version of YOU at your pace.


1:1 Quantum Energy Healing and Strategic Intervention Coaching session (90 mins)

1:1 Strategic Intervention Coaching session (60 mins)

1:1 Strategic Intervention Coaching Package (8 x 60 min sessions)

Further Information:

If you have any questions about the coaching and want to get to know me, simply book in for a FREE 30 min clarity call here.


Begin Optimising Your Health and Wellbeing

Give yourself or a loved one the gift and experience of restoring your health naturally and effectively through Quantum Energy Healing and Strategic Intervention Coaching

The Nature Of Healing Gina Yallamas Coaching

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